What to Do for a Sprinkler System with No Winterization

Sprinkler system owners who did not have the system shut off properly in the late fall by a professional will want to call one as soon as the ground begins to thaw. This problem is facing more and more commercial and residential property owners due to unpredictable weather conditions. Parts of the country that traditionally experience snow and frozen ground in late November were covered in three feet of snow by early October.

A New Predicament

Most people realize how important it is to have this process, more commonly referred to as Sprinkler blowout Denver, completed by professionals and schedule the service months in advance. This situation is new to a great number of property owners, and they have no idea how to proceed. A sprinkler system is not cheap, which is why services are completed to prolong the life of the system.


Extra Precautions in the Spring

The first thing to do is notify the professional who arrives to turn the system back on that the system was unprotected all winter. The professional will complete an assessment of the system and determine if any Sprinkler repair Denver is required. These will have to be completed before the system gets turned on for the season. Not all system damage is apparent right away due to most of the piping being buried underground.

The process of re-starting the system will begin, but a bit slower than usual. The water cannot be turned on too quickly. If pipes are cracked or blocked with ice, sudden pressure will maximize damage. Heads will pop off the individual sprinklers, pipes will burst completely, and the connections will be broken. The result is possibly the need to replace the system. The process of sprinkler installation denver is lengthy and entails digging up parts of the lawn.

Proper Maintenance

Sprinkler systems are designed to last decades if properly maintained. It is wise to schedule the blowout service much earlier than in previous years to avoid the same problem for a second year in a row. It is better to shut it down too early than to not have it professionally done because winter arrived sooner than expected. Protect the investment by being proactive to prevent major damage in the future.

If the system did not have the benefit of a blowout last winter, consider having all the maintenance done professionally this season so any issues will be noticed and taken care of while minor. Provide yourself peace of mind and ensure the system is operating efficiently. The cost is money well spent.

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